The Entrepreneur Café

If God was real, he’d ask Bon what’s missing on earth. Bon would reply – cafés that open at 5am and that don’t skimp on newspapers.

Trouble is God might suggest that Bon starts his own and I’d be inclined to agree, and it would be called ‘The Entrepreneur’, where there would be free super-fast WiFi with staff who understand this is a priority for the customer of today (so if it goes down, it’s back up again quickly), multiple newspapers and a long black world only cost $2.

We’d promote pay it forward meals and coffee for those less fortunate and there would be a big sign up – ‘Kids welcome, but only those that have discipline – if your kid is a brat take that monster elsewhere’. We’d have a VIP club that we wouldn’t renege on and customers would be referred to as Mr Customer, or Miss Customer etc.

One could see one’s food being prepared through glass walls to the kitchen as we’d be very transparent in all aspects of the operation. There would be more salad and vegan options than is currently the norm.

The staff would be happy, they’d be paid well, but the key ingredient would be the background checks on their temperament, as you’d only be employed at The Entrepreneur if you had a bright, happy persona, none of this happy today, sad tomorrow carry-on.

I write this dribble to fill in time, woe is me, only 41 minutes to go before Bon can get a coffee fix.

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