Mozaik Cafe

So it’s the 1st of the month (April fools) and Miss Lai picked me up and said we’re off to lunch.

She’s heard me rave about the chicken enchiladas at Mozaik in Albany, so she was keen to try one.

I couldn’t say no to one of my besties so off we went – and the bonus, she picked up the tab in our usual my turn/your turn scenario šŸ™‚

I’ve been visiting the various Mozaik’s around Auckland for a while now – consistent and the menu is virtually the same at all the locations.Ā  Most of the staff are great and they remember ones idiosyncrasies to make you feel special.

Overall score: 9/10 – great food, great coffee and atmosphere.

15 Douglas Alexander Parade, AlbanyĀ ā€“ 09 915 8875

In the gallery below, I recall one of the many trips to the cafe with two of my darling nieces, Brianna and Madison – Madi ordered the Fish and Chips and out came the most perfectly cooked schnapper fillets ever.Ā  Madi being Madi however, she didn’t like them done proper, so Uncle Bon got to feast on them instead.