Java Jungle – Browns Bay

A couple of good friends, Mr de Witt and Mr Sandstone like to go to Java Jungle – when I enjoy breakfast with either it is always the Mince on Toast for both of us.  There is another friend (the girl type), she insists on something with greens in it, so I don’t catch up too often with her 🙂 nah, she’s all good, but sure as hell glad not to be married to that one.

Java Jungle is effectively right on the beach and on a good day you can sit outside in the sun and watch the passers by – quite often one of them stops for a chat (often a problem when you know half of Auckland).  Depending on the season and if you arrive around opening time, you can get spoilt watching the sun come up too 🙂

Over the years the staff seem to have a consistent demeanor – friendly, fast and efficient – that’s all a customer wants, oh and good food and coffee.  Java Jungle gets the top mark in all aspects.

Overall score: 9/10 – BEST mince on toast EVER – big call, but true.

77 Beachfront Ln, Browns Bay, Auckland – 09 479 6913