Cafe Monet – Newmarket

I’ve been visiting this family business for 20 years, almost since its inception in fact.  If you want professional chef styled food and service that can’t be beaten then Cafe Monet is it.

When Bon has a client or prospect to impress where the first impressions on every level needs to be met, then Cafe Monet is where I’ll take them for breakfast or lunch.  It becomes a memorable experience for the client and starts the business relationship extremely well.

My favourite meal of all time at Cafe Monet is the Mediterranean Vege Panini – its massive and soooo tasty and helps to satisfy one of my vegetarian days (you know, we’re all trying a few meat free days at the moment).

The only downside to the frequent experience is that wanker mob, Wilson’s parking, who now control the car park in front.  But when you go, don’t give those pricks your money – pop into the cafe and ask for a parking ticket, they will write you one out for 2 hours – awesome 🙂

Overall score: 11/10 (it’s my blog so I can do an 11) – OUTSTANDING, nothing more to be said for the best cafe experience in Auckland by far.

Cafe Monet, 55 Remuera Road, Newmarket, Auckland – 09 522 2050

Here are some recent yummy meals from a few visits – oh la la.

Try it Out – Vietnamese Restaurant

I’ve been visiting Try it Out for over 20 years and it never disappoints.  Consistently good food that’s well priced, back by great service.

If you want a good meal that hits all the right spots, then Try it Out is worth a visit.  You’ll go back again and again, even if you live on the other side of town.

Miss Lai and I enjoyed a lovely lunch once again at what we consider to be our favourite.  Life is grand when you know you’re to have a great experience and when you get to hang out with one of your besties.

Overall score: 10/10 in every aspect for Try it Out once again.

79 Atkinson Avenue, Otahuhu, Auckland – 09 276 9339