McDonalds Breakfast Bagel – total garbage, absolutely disgusting

Well the Cafe Blog was going to be just about the positive experiences – but when Bon gets subject to a giant rip-off spending $6.20 at McDonald’s for a burnt breakfast bagel.  A picture speaks a thousand words for sure but this is a far cry from the glossy picture on the board which of course helps one to make a purchasing decision.

WARNING in bold and capitals – their food is barely edible at the best of times, but this breakfast bagel is the worst thing ever – ‘thing’ being the operative.  Slapped together by someone who clearly doesn’t like his/her job.

Below is what they advertise – yep, the crap above doesn’t look like the glossy one does it 🙁

Mmmmh, the power of social media when you post this crap to your Facebook and tag these clowns in and then send them a direct message.  Yeah, like I am going to waste my time further with this – deh.