Frasers Cafe – Mt Eden, Auckland

Wow, what a transformation with the new look, the place is fantastic.  It’s bigger, it’s better and it works – making the cafe experience quite the  feast.

Back in the day when I lived around the corner I’d have their scrambled eggs on toast two to three times a week – the creamiest type ever, really good stuff.

These days I visit here in the evenings to catch up with my good mate Bruce the builder from Subdivision Builders for coffees and treats after we’ve had a few beers down the road.

Overall score: 09/10 for a nice atmosphere, food, coffee and great customer service with staff who clearly love their jobs (well you’d like to think so).

Frasers, 434 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland – 09 630 6825

Cafe Monet – Newmarket

I’ve been visiting this family business for 20 years, almost since its inception in fact.  If you want professional chef styled food and service that can’t be beaten then Cafe Monet is it.

When Bon has a client or prospect to impress where the first impressions on every level needs to be met, then Cafe Monet is where I’ll take them for breakfast or lunch.  It becomes a memorable experience for the client and starts the business relationship extremely well.

My favourite meal of all time at Cafe Monet is the Mediterranean Vege Panini – its massive and soooo tasty and helps to satisfy one of my vegetarian days (you know, we’re all trying a few meat free days at the moment).

The only downside to the frequent experience is that wanker mob, Wilson’s parking, who now control the car park in front.  But when you go, don’t give those pricks your money – pop into the cafe and ask for a parking ticket, they will write you one out for 2 hours – awesome 🙂

Overall score: 11/10 (it’s my blog so I can do an 11) – OUTSTANDING, nothing more to be said for the best cafe experience in Auckland by far.

Cafe Monet, 55 Remuera Road, Newmarket, Auckland – 09 522 2050

Here are some recent yummy meals from a few visits – oh la la.

Coriander’s, Ethnic Indian – Rolleston, Canterbury

Living in Auckland as one does, we’re plagued by very average Indian restaurants – seriously hard to find a ‘good’ one.  If I want a decent curry I typically have to go around to my mate Venkat’s, the only downside is they are vegetarian, but it still works.  Then there is this little dairy I found in Avondale, the old lady in there sells these nice, juicy fat samosas for $0.60, but alas vegetarian (and no, I am not sharing that address).

All little Bon wants now whilst writing this is a nice hot beef vindaloo – oh my, salivating thinking about it 🙁

So anyway, I was down in Darfield recently visiting my legendary cousin Stephan following the passing of his dear wife from breast cancer (sadly they had no cancer cover in place).  After most of the relatives had departed town, he suggested we go to his favourite Indian for lunch – he advised it could quite possibly be the best I would ever try.

Turns out he was correct!  And looking at the size of him of late, he clearly visits Coriander’s a lot.

Sadly the photos on the day aren’t up to scratch – but boy oh boy did we feast like kings.  I am visiting the cousin again later this month and we are definitely going back for round two.

Overall score: 11/10 – fantastic ‘authentic’ and ‘ethnic’ Indian food

Coriander’s, 70-76 Rolleston Drive – 03 347 2315 – Five locations

Olivers – Orewa

By far this is the best cafe in Orewa by a country mile – there are others, but if you’re after value for money, good coffee and exceptional service, you can’t go past Oliver’s.

I got introduced to Oliver’s by the lovely couple, Andy and Paula Dunn who run 363 Orewa, a Luxury Studio Accommodation Air B n B type place and so I now make a point of calling in to Oliver’s when passing through the town or staying at 363.  NB, If you want five star accommodation you’ve got to try (like I’ve done about 10 times now) 363 Orewa for a great experience, right on the beach with wonderful hosts. As an added bonus, it only takes about three minutes to walk to Olivers.

I’ve almost had every thing on the menu at Oliver’s now.  My favourite would have to be the Zucchini Corn Fritters or the Smashed Avocado.

Overall score: 11/10 – fantastic food, great coffee with friendly attentive staff, and an 11/10 for 363 Orewa.

Olivers, 340 Hibiscus Coast Hwy, Orewa, Auckland – 09 421 1156

Muldoon’s – Orewa

This is essentially my local I guess when in town, well sort of.  My good mate Jeff, a.k.a. The Goat, has a rental property in Orewa and every time a tenant moves out he gets the Bon to give him a hand in the tidy up.

So, true to Jeff’s daily habit, we venture down to Muldoon’s for a couple of beers.

It’s not bad, looks a bit rough with some of the clientele, but there’s never any hassles.   Cheap beers, reasonable food, what you’d expect from a pub – actually the pizza is really good.

A poem excerpt from their page: Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold beer and another one!

Overall score: 07/10 – it’s ok, but it doesn’t tick all the boxes

Muldoon’s, 8H Moana Ave, Orewa – 09 427 8444 – Facebook page

Java Jungle – Browns Bay

A couple of good friends, Mr de Witt and Mr Sandstone like to go to Java Jungle – when I enjoy breakfast with either it is always the Mince on Toast for both of us.  There is another friend (the girl type), she insists on something with greens in it, so I don’t catch up too often with her 🙂 nah, she’s all good, but sure as hell glad not to be married to that one.

Java Jungle is effectively right on the beach and on a good day you can sit outside in the sun and watch the passers by – quite often one of them stops for a chat (often a problem when you know half of Auckland).  Depending on the season and if you arrive around opening time, you can get spoilt watching the sun come up too 🙂

Over the years the staff seem to have a consistent demeanor – friendly, fast and efficient – that’s all a customer wants, oh and good food and coffee.  Java Jungle gets the top mark in all aspects.

Overall score: 9/10 – BEST mince on toast EVER – big call, but true.

77 Beachfront Ln, Browns Bay, Auckland – 09 479 6913

Mozaik Cafe

So it’s the 1st of the month (April fools) and Miss Lai picked me up and said we’re off to lunch.

She’s heard me rave about the chicken enchiladas at Mozaik in Albany, so she was keen to try one.

I couldn’t say no to one of my besties so off we went – and the bonus, she picked up the tab in our usual my turn/your turn scenario 🙂

I’ve been visiting the various Mozaik’s around Auckland for a while now – consistent and the menu is virtually the same at all the locations.  Most of the staff are great and they remember ones idiosyncrasies to make you feel special.

Overall score: 9/10 – great food, great coffee and atmosphere.

15 Douglas Alexander Parade, Albany – 09 915 8875

In the gallery below, I recall one of the many trips to the cafe with two of my darling nieces, Brianna and Madison – Madi ordered the Fish and Chips and out came the most perfectly cooked schnapper fillets ever.  Madi being Madi however, she didn’t like them done proper, so Uncle Bon got to feast on them instead.

McDonalds Breakfast Bagel – total garbage, absolutely disgusting

Well the Cafe Blog was going to be just about the positive experiences – but when Bon gets subject to a giant rip-off spending $6.20 at McDonald’s for a burnt breakfast bagel.  A picture speaks a thousand words for sure but this is a far cry from the glossy picture on the board which of course helps one to make a purchasing decision.

WARNING in bold and capitals – their food is barely edible at the best of times, but this breakfast bagel is the worst thing ever – ‘thing’ being the operative.  Slapped together by someone who clearly doesn’t like his/her job.

Below is what they advertise – yep, the crap above doesn’t look like the glossy one does it 🙁

Mmmmh, the power of social media when you post this crap to your Facebook and tag these clowns in and then send them a direct message.  Yeah, like I am going to waste my time further with this – deh.

Try it Out – Vietnamese Restaurant

I’ve been visiting Try it Out for over 20 years and it never disappoints.  Consistently good food that’s well priced, back by great service.

If you want a good meal that hits all the right spots, then Try it Out is worth a visit.  You’ll go back again and again, even if you live on the other side of town.

Miss Lai and I enjoyed a lovely lunch once again at what we consider to be our favourite.  Life is grand when you know you’re to have a great experience and when you get to hang out with one of your besties.

Overall score: 10/10 in every aspect for Try it Out once again.

79 Atkinson Avenue, Otahuhu, Auckland – 09 276 9339